App Marketing Predictions for 2017. What Has Changed?

App marketing is a relatively new concept, but the way it is gaining an overwhelming response from the marketers, it becomes an inseparable part of the mobile development service. It is one of the highly competitive services that are changing the app development field.

It’s not everybody’s cup of tea to deliver reliable and successful app marketing services that cater expected results. It requires creative strategy, data-driven methodology and ability to explore more than others to facilitate businesses with a large number of app installs. As it is a rapidly growing field, marketers have to be ready to adopt new ecosystem and modern trends in order to embrace profitable business benefits.

Intuz has hands-on experience in delivering advanced app marketing services. We have a team of market experts who have proven expertise in planning out and executing the highly customized app marketing strategy to deliver committed results. To achieve optimum app downloads, all we need to do is, market an app in a way that appeals to users and encourages them for installation.

For an effective app marketing, Intuz team closely checks out all the latest updates. Such practice enables us in identifying the future of this service. And based on our analysis, we are going to discuss the app marketing predictions for 2017.

More Accurate Predictive Analytics

This is one of the most dynamic analytics that facilitates marketers with various information such as which users are projected to churn, convert, purchase and influence their friends. They can use this invaluable data to target their next campaign for engagement, revenue, retention, acquisition, and so on. Well, until the time, predictive analytics is not considered as a reliable technique to get authenticated data.

In 2017, the algorithm of predictive analytics is projected to be smarter and more advanced so that the marketers can get maximum benefits out of it. It is expected, predictive analytics will be an integral part of app marketing strategy in the near future.

Quick and Easy Data Accessibility

For marketers, data is like lifeblood. It helps marketers in getting a profound understanding on who is making an in-app purchase, who is getting engaged with the ads, who is installing the app, and much more. It is quite tough for app marketers to analyze the user’s in-app behaviour and the effect of their marketing campaign without accessing the data.

In 2017, with the arrival of new tools, data will be available to marketers in a more actionable way. So, it will be easy for them to utilize the data for future campaigns and user re-engagement efforts.

Rise of New Ad Networks

These days’ app marketers have tons of great advertisement platforms such as social media, rich media, native, video, etc. In 2017, marketers will have more dynamic ad networks to connect and engage the target audience. Playable ads are the key attraction of the upcoming year, as they help marketers to do their job better by facilitating users with the true sense of what the app all about.  New ad platforms allow publishers and marketers to run their campaigns more effectively than before.

Video Continues to Appeal Users Senses

Though new ad formats are introduced in the market, the video will not lose the interest of people. It will remain the most preferable ad format in the industry. Marketers can include mobile video in another channel mix. In-feed video, social video, and full-screen video are the most popular video format for app installs. Creative videos are blessing for app monetization, as they provide a walk-through of the entire app experience. Moreover, it is quite cost-effective to create and run a video campaign to attain user attention.

Smooth Data Sharing

Organizations tend to share the best practices and helpful strategies with other businesses. But, when it comes to sharing the data, they used to be secretive. Well, app marketing stream is a bit different from them. Here, the app marketing service providers are ready to share their data with others.

Throughout 2016, various companies had revealed their data insights. One of them was Oliver Kern of Lockwood Publishing on methods of establishing LTV. We can expect much more this type of sharing in 2017. It helps the other companies to define their app marketing strategy accordingly.

Collaborative Data Reports

There was a time when marketers have to use a database and SQL to run the various types of reports. But, today the market has various report generation tools that work with no or little SQL and allow users to extract the reports whenever they need. App marketing service providers can create the report of their valuable data and share it with internal resources as per the requirements. It helps a lot in simplifying intra-team collaboration.

Mobile Marketing Automation

Mobile marketing automation is an emerging concept that helps marketers to attain customer retention. Marketers can hold those customers who opt-in to receive push messages and emails.

Deliver a more personal and welcoming user experience by sending personalized push notifications that inspire users to open the app once and use it again and again. Adopting the pre-install email marketing tactic, marketers can generate lasting effects on customer engagement and longevity.

In 2017, more small to large scale businesses will move towards implementation of mobile marketing automation tools to cultivate long-term relation with the customers and drive maximum revenue.

At Intuz, we have started modifying our standard app marketing practices to address highly dynamic market needs. Our app marketing enthusiasts always eager to serve you by delivering reliable and the best app marketing solutions. Do you have your app marketing requirements ready with you? Don’t feel hesitant to get in touch with us. We commit to maximize your app installs and increase customer retention too.