5 Best UI/UX Strategies to Power Up Mobile App Downloads

mobile app ui-ux

Formation of an app contains loads of efforts from the app owner and app development company. It creates demotivation for them to watch the declining rate of user retention within a few days of app launch. Rather than getting disappointed, they should analyze issues with the app and work out on missing aspects for betterment.

Consistently dropping user retention indicates that there are some issues with the flaw. You might be lacking in your app design or development or marketing strategies or all of these. But, an ideal approach is to start with UI/UX of the app. Minor improvement in design flow caters businesses with several competitive advantages of increased traffic and app downloads. Avail few proven UI/UX strategies described here to enrich your customer retention ratio.

Strategy #1: Avoid to Ask Scary Permissions to Users

Permission-based access to users’ data become an integral part of a standard UI/UX design nowadays. Almost all users are aware of it. They agree and allow mobile app to access of their data. But the condition is, there should be a logic behind pushing the permission message to the users. It should help them in moving ahead to the next step and accomplishing their intended action.

Don’t scare new users by sending them too many permission messages at the very initial phase. Users feel uncomfortable if the app asks to access several pieces of their devices such as locations, camera, contacts, gallery, notifications, and much more without any valid cause. It is suggestive not to insist new users for app downloading through invasive questioning. Even not to demand users’ personal data if there are not any immediate benefits in place. Avoidance of such practices boosts users’ experience and lifts customer retention rate.

Strategy #2: Give Hint

Strategize your access permission and find a right time to ask it. An appropriate time is when users actually feel now they need to provide permission or access to complete the existing stage and move to next one.  Give them a clear idea why you require the access to their data.

For instance; while requesting users to share their social security number or credit/debit card details, don’t forget to clarify the reasons for requiring their confidential personal information. It helps users to understand the benefits of allowing you to access their personal data. It also improves customers’ trust in the app.

Strategy #3: Set A Checklist based User Permission

Sometimes it happens that app owner requires multiple data from the users at a time to perform a function. If the information is available to them in the form of paragraphs or sentences, it becomes quite annoying for them to read out all the details and move ahead for call-to-action. Try an attractively designed checklist. Checklist based user permission provides a list of required information. It becomes quite easy for users to submit the details one by one. Moreover, it delivers an optimal experience to the users.

Strategy #4: Take The Advantage of Users Excitement

As per a research, customers feel excitement while they look for achieving something that is not so easily available. Results revealed that during the time of achievement, users feel 40% more excited than usual. Furthermore, if they find their desired product, and it is also with reward, their purchase intent rises by 82%.

For example; a customer is looking for a party wear dress and comes to your store to purchase his/her desired product. Facilitate him/her with the reward of 10% discount. Such practices insist users make a purchase from your app again and again. It not only increases customer retention but also improves users dependency on your app.

Strategy #5: Keep Tracking the App On Daily Basis

According to a survey from Quettra, within 30 days of launch, most of the apps lose 90% of their initial users and within 90 days, 95% of users are gone. To sustain in the competition, the app should contain two qualities. First, it should offer more enjoyable, functional and rewarding experience than rest of the alternatives. Second, it should be incredible in its segment in terms of UI/UX experience and app model. Thus, combine consistent and positive user experience with relevant and thoughtful notifications and rewards to maximize customer retention.

Apply these strategies and set a core vision to establish a long-term relationship with the customers by making perfect UI/UX decisions. Being a leading mobile app development company, Intuz offers creative and conceptual user interface designing to deliver an incredible user experience to the app user. We integrate robust features and app models that work as fuel for your app. Think profoundly to create an app that becomes the part of users’ life and enhances users’ engagement.


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